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We, at eChabi are specialized in developing the websites that work and gives a unique web presence to your business. Its our experience that the most preferred output can be achieved only if the designer understands the client's requirement completely. We work with our clients and assist them to describe their precise website design.

Our Process

An eChabi website provides interactive strategic planning that includes defining your website image, and to find the most effective "look and feel" for the site, with a layout that flows, is functional, and easy to use.

  • Elements that support good Search Engine performance and compatibility between multiple
    web browsers are incorporated.
  • Web pages are proofread to perfection so that they are not marred by mistakes in spelling or grammar. 
  • Custom designed, high performance, high quality professional web development.
  • Photos/graphics are optimized - cropped, color enhanced and compressed.
  • Fast loading pages . . . large images are sliced for efficient loading.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) - Encore sites are developed to be "search engine friendly," or compatible.
  • Sites that index well as the search engine spiders (robots) are able to interpret what the pages are about; appropriate keywords in copy and titles, along with well constructed Meta Tags. Final product delivered on time and on budget.
  • Assistance securing your own domain name (.com), and website host.
  • Website will be uploaded to the Internet.

As a step further, in our SEO plan, your website is submitted to some of the major search engines.

  • Consultation on publicizing/marketing strategies.
  • eChabi will set your website up with web statistics, enabling you to track from where your website visitors come.

For more information and pricing: phone +91 9899 246 969, send inquiry, or email.

How Does Offshore / Outsourcing Benefits?

British Trade and Industry Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, at a national conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said, "It is much easier to see the short term benefits of protectionism than to see the long term costs to consumers and business competitiveness."

This is the crux of the pro-outsourcing argument. BPO India offers benefits not only in terms of cost reduction, but also in terms of increased productivity and quality.